We are pleased to introduce BIONIK's technology upgrade program. BIONIK understands the importance of past investments in rehabilitation technology. We also understand the importance of using most current technological capabilities that are available to improve patient outcomes and engage patients to their fullest. This is why BIONIK has introduced our exclusive Technology Upgrade Program.


BIONIK Technology Upgrade Program


Create value with outdated robotic
rehabilitation technology


Assure patients receive treatment
utilizing the latest technology


Stay current with advances
in technology and equipment


Assure the maximum utilization
of your investment in technology


Remove the concern of equipment
becoming obsolete


Apply past investment in technology towards
upgrading to InMotion® technology

BIONIK's Technology Upgrade Program allows you to use the value of past investments in robotic therapy to upgrade to the most current InMotion® Robotic Rehabilitation Systems. Please click on the link below and the team from Bionik will contact you to provide you with the value of your technology and how it can be used in acquiring InMotion® Robotic Systems.

Update Your InMotion Robotic Systems