Webinar: Use of Upper Extremity Robotics to Assist Cognitive Gains following Stroke



Use of Upper Extremity Robotics to Assist Cognitive Gains following Stroke

Speaker: Dr. Sheri Wallis, PT/DPT - BIONIK Clinical Research Specialist


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Treatment techniques to assist patients in advancing cognition will be presented by BIONIK Clinical Research Specialist Sherris Wallis PT/DPT. Approaches, perspectives and experiences relating to this new way of treating patients will be shared along with the latest research and recommendations to assist patients in advancing cognition through dual tasking and cognitive training. 45 min.


  • Effects of Stroke on Cognitive Function and Need for Cognition in Performance of Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s)
  • New Approaches: Using Cognition as Part of Upper Extremity Robotic Rehabilitation
  • Treatment for Transition to Functional Gains – How to Incorporate Neurocognitive Treatment into InMotion® Arm Protocols

Speaker Brief



SherriWallisDr. Sherri Wallis, PT, DPT

Sherri is a US-based physical therapist with over 30 years of experience in a variety of roles including clinical education, management, and treatment in various settings with a diverse patient population and diverse managerial supervision experience. She is experienced in CEU course presentation, educational development for both corporate programs and facility-based hospital staff.

Sherri joined the field of robotics with the intention of making a difference in methodology and implementation of therapy across the spectrum in order to maximize the therapeutic experience of both patients and therapists while assisting with bringing therapy into the 21st century. Sherri’s philosophy of treatment has always been “Use what works” and thus the use of robotics to achieve early mobility for clients who might not otherwise have a method for achieving functional activity seemed a good fit to assist with developing new and innovative ways to treat patients and achieve maximum therapy benefit.

Richard, Physical Therapist, 6 months
post stroke:

“The robot is fun to use… and I’m improving with every session. It’s a phenomenal piece of equipment.”