Lower body exoskeleton allowing wheelchair bound individuals to walk.
Pre-clinical Phase in progress


Pre-clinical Phase in progress

Bionik is dedicated to building a pipeline of transformational technologies and solutions to help patients with neurological disorders. Neurological disorders affect a person's brain, spine or nerves and can be characterized by paralysis, muscle weakness, poor coordination, loss of sensation and a number of other symptoms. The treatment for many of these disorders that affect a person's mobility is often lifestyle changes, rehabilitation and physical therapy. Bionik is developing solutions that allow patients the ability to potentially speed up the rehabilitation process with the use of advanced robotics that allow a therapist to completely customize and track a patient’s treatment plan.

Our robust growth strategy is focused on:

  • Leveraging internal expertise and broad network to develop new synergistic technologies
  • Team dedicated to expanding product pipeline through strategic partnering and acquisitions with products and enabling software