Lower body exoskeleton allowing wheelchair bound individuals to walk.
Pre-clinical Phase in progress
Pre-clinical Phase in progress


ARKE™ is the most comprehensive lower body exoskeleton which allows paraplegics and other wheelchair bound individuals the ability to rehabilitate and to walk. Currently in clinical development, ARKE will initially be used in a rehabilitation environment, with the goal of being made available for home use.

The company is currently in its second generation of ARKE which is a completely new industrial designed exoskeleton with novel walking gait trajectories, and has significantly smaller mechanics and actuator components than the Company's previous versions. It has the highest possible energy and efficiency through both improved battery density and the power-to-weight ratio of the actuators. ARKE utilizes Bionik's proprietary transmission and actuation system, one of the most powerful robotic devices as compared to similar systems. The second generation system has a significantly improved and more cost effective electronics system with modular form key components that can be easily maintained and allow for future software expansions and other technology applications.

ARKE is the first exoskeleton with tablet control integration, which Bionik believes provides the easiest possible method of control and adjustment to meet each individual's needs. The system interfaces on a larger wireless touch-controlled tablet which is easier to manipulate, increases data comprehension and relays more meaningful information so physical therapists are able adjust the device more effectively. The energy density of the lithium polymer based battery system has also been improved to extend battery life and make battery replacement easier during a rehabilitation session. New safety features were also added including a hard wired emergency stop that can be triggered at any time, which is unique as compared to the current competitive devices.

Product Details

  • Constructed with carbon fiber, aluminum and steel
  • Fully customizable to fit patients of all heights and weights
  • Connects to Bionik’s cloud software where data is analyzed and displayed back to the physiotherapist in real-time