InMotion® ARM/HAND

A New Generation!  Treat patients with a broad range of needs - from severe impairment to high level strengthening and coordination.

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InMotion® ARM/HAND

New and Improved Features

A modular approach to proximal and distal movement retraining, progressing to more functional reach and grasp retraining activities.  

  • ARM only, HAND only and Integrated ARM/HAND Evaluation and Therapy Activities
  • Allows Isolated HAND-only Evaluation & Therapy for Distal-only Impairments
  • New and Improved InMotionEVAL – Evaluation and Reporting System
  • Robot Utilization Reports – Powerful New Administrative Tools!
  • User interface improvements provide therapists with  greater task guidance and facilitation

Superior Patient Comfort with a 2-3 Minute Setup

Ensure patient comfort throughout the therapy session with the newly redesigned interface:

  • Adjustable-length forearm rest – accommodates small to large adults and pediatric patients
  • Wrist pronation adjustment  – helps position the patient’s forearm for optimal hand position 
  • Adjustable straps  - accommodate a wide range of human anatomy
  • Contoured finger and thumb grips – support a natural resting position

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