InMotion® Connect Pulse for Administrators & Managers

Cloud-connected Data Analytics at your Fingertips!

InMotion Connect makes it easy to know the level at which therapists are using InMotion technology. Multiple metrics are used to track your facility’s progress from initial through advanced adoption. The data is used to guide the clinical support plan for each clinic, changing the focus from “Are we using the robot?” to “How well are we improving Patient Outcomes?”

Reports from InMotion Connect Pulse:

  • Evaluation and Therapy Logs
  • Utilization Reports
  • Robot Outcome Reports


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The Pulse Dashboard

The First Internet of Things (IoT), Rehabilitation Robotics System!

BIONIK created InMotion Therapy beginning with the MIT MANUS, the first robotic rehabilitation device. With the invention of InMotion Connect Pulse, the InMotion ARM and ARM/HAND  are the first rehabilitation robotic systems to be utilized as Internet of Things (IoT) devices, enabling both threapists and managers to better focus on improving patient outcomes.

New Technology Adoption Requirements

  • Education & Training
  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • Engagement & Feedback
  • Coaching & Practice



One-year Impact of InMotion Connect

A one year analysis of over 20 participating facilities shows the dramatic impact of readily accessible robotic therapy data. With intuitive graphs and easy to understand analytics, challenges to technology adoption can be easily identified and resolved by individualized and ongoing education and training.

  • Average Sessions Time: + 23%
  • Quantity of Patients Treated: + 47%
  • Therapy Session Duration: +58%
  • Quantity of Patient Sessions: +72%
IMC 1 Year Impact-1
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InMotion Therapy: Extensive Evidence Base: 25+ years of Research and more than 150 Independent Peer-reviewed Publications

InMotion® Robots have been tested by leading medical centers in more than 150, independent controlled clinical trials, including large randomized, double-blind, peer-reviewed clinical studies involving more than 1700 patients. 

Improved Outcomes Across a Wide Range of Patient Populations:

  • Adult and Pediatric patients (4 years and older)

  • Acute, subacute and chronic phases of recovery

  • Severe, moderate and mild levels of impairment

BIONIK's modular approach to neurorehabilitation is optimizes the use of robotics and is consistent with the latest neuro-scientific research.  InMotion® Interactive Therapy serves as an effective adjunct to existing physical and occupational therapy approaches.

InMotion Interactive Therapy

Advanced Technology: Powered by Robotic A.I.

BIONIK robotic products have exceptional capacity for patient assessment and real-time interactive response, which sets them apart from other therapy systems.

  • Senses the patient’s movement and responds to a patient’s continually-changing ability
  • Robots guide the exercise treatment accordingly
  • If the patient is unable to move, the robot gently assists the patient to initiate movement towards the target
  • If coordination is a problem, the robot “guides” the movement, allowing the patient to move towards the target and making certain that the patient is practicing the movement
    the correct way
  • As the patient gains movement control, the robot provides less assistance and continually challenges the patient
  • Provides quantifiable feedback on progress and performance

Sylvia Young OTR/L, Occupational Therapist:

One of the things the robotic arm does is it gives the patient repetition...We're able, with the [InMotion] arm, to allow them to get 100, 300, 400 movements in one session, without them being overly fatigued and of course the therapists being overly fatigued.