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At BIONIK Labs, we emanate solutions...

We’ve uprooted the traditional neurorehabilitation process and have sown the seeds of the future.

Data is at the core of our products.
But how can we quantify this data and provide useful analytics across the rehabilitation spectrum?

InMotion Connect® enables secured data collection from InMotion® Robots that results in valuable analytics as well as customizable and adaptive reporting on a user-friendly dashboard.

With over 60 peer-reviewed papers, this robust and evidence-based technology ensures a seamless flow of data to clinical and management teams enabling data driven decisions.

Coupling data collection with BIONIK's Clinical Services team presents a powerful resource that focuses on education and training to advance utilization and adoption of technology; ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.


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InMotion Connect® Keeps You Secure and Up-to-Date


Richard, Physical Therapist, 6 months
post stroke:

“The robot is fun to use… and I’m improving with every session. It’s a phenomenal piece of equipment.”