Data-Driven Innovation

Restoring Mobility to Patients with Bioengineered Rehabilitation Solutions

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Lower body exoskeleton that offers paraplegics and other wheelchair bound individuals the ability to rehabilitate and to walk.

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InMotion ARM

The InMotion ARM is an evidence based, intelligent interactive rehabilitation technology that senses patient movements and limitations, providing assistance-as-needed™ in real-time.

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InMotion HAND

The InMotion HAND is an add on module to be used with the InMotion ARM™. The two work together to provide assist-as-needed™ support for reaching with grasp and release movements, or independently for focused training on individual hand movements. 

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InMotion WRIST

The InMotion WRIST is an evidence based and research proven interactive rehabilitation device that senses patient movements and limitations, and provides assistance-as-needed™.

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Pioneering medical device and robotics company with a focus in developing transformational technologies and solutions for individuals with neurological disorders

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