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Creating Human Innovation.

Our unique patented Exolegs™ will conquer the need for a wheelchair and revolutionize the process of rehabilitation. Our innovative and highly competitive exoskeleton legs have a smart system on board that understands and anticipates all scenarios of when a person wants to stand, sit, or walk forwards or backwards.

It’s the next major step in assisted mobility technology. With the help of crutches, the patient will be able to stabilize once standing and walking. The main goal of the Exolegs™ is to improve the patient’s health, comfort level, accessibility, and quality of social life.

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About Bionik

Bionik Laboratories is a Canadian bioengineering research and development company targeting diseases and injuries that impact human mobility such as paraplegia, stroke, spina bifida, and multiple sclerosis.

We design and manufacture assistive devices for paraplegics and for those who seek a healthier and alternative quality of life. We not only create transformational products that can be used for rehabilitation purposes, we develop technologies designed to be life changing and fundamentally enriching.

Our first market ready product will be the patented Exolegs™, a robotic pair of exoskeleton legs to be used as a replacement for a wheelchair and for rehabilitation purposes. In future research, Bionik Laboratories will focus on technological solutions targeting stroke, post-surgical rehabilitation for knees and hips, and muscular dystrophy.

Our History

Founded in 2009 by Michal Prywata and Thiago Caires, Bionik Laboratories was created to reinvent the standards of biomechatronics using creativity and uniquely advanced healthcare solutions for persons with restricted physical mobility. As aspiring students working towards their Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering at Ryerson University, the two decided to team up

and went on to win the Ontario Engineering Competition, second place in the Canada Engineering Competition and placed in the top ten of the Innovation Showcase. The company has grown quickly since their first product, which was an artificial arm controlled by human thought patterns. Media and industry response to the duo’s artificial arm only sparked further innovation

leading to Bionik Laboratories’ first market ready product, the much-anticipated Exolegs™. The vision, technology and drive to develop the most advanced and powerful technology is evident in the rapid progress of the Exolegs™ and will continue to be the guiding factor propelling Bionik Laboratories to the forefront of biomedical innovation.

Our Team

Peter Bloch

Peter is a chartered accountant with a track record for building both public and private equity funded companies in high-tech manufacturing sectors. He efficiently operates in both large and small quick growth companies.

t. 905.339.9583

Michal Prywata

Co-founder of Bionik Laboratories Inc., Michal manages engineering teams and day-to-day operations. His work is fueled by his passion to develop medical technology that improves individuals’ quality of life.

t. 416.574.4479

Thiago Caires

Co-founder of Bionik Laboratories Inc., Thiago currently manages a team of six engineers in the Electrical, Mechanical and Software departments within Bionik Laboratories.

t. 647.746.6799


Dr. Isador Lieberman
MD MBA FRCSC, Medical Director, Clinical Advisor

Orthopedic and spinal surgeon, also founder of Merlot OrthopediX.

Dr. Sidney Lisser

Extensive Post Surgical Trauma recovery experience and founder of Lissertech.




When will the device be available?

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Can anyone use the Exolegs™ device?

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How much will the device cost?

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What are the benefits of using the Exolegs™?

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How can I invest in Bionik Laboratories?

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Investor Relations

The innovation behind Bionik Laboratories is made possible with the support of industry leaders and global forward thinkers.

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