Bionik Laboratories Raises $6.2 Million

TORONTO, Feb. 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Bionik Laboratories Corp. (OTC:DWTPD), a Delaware corporation (the “Company”), announced today that it acquired Bionik Laboratories, Inc., a Toronto corporation (“Bionik Laboratories”), and completed the sale to qualified accredited investors of units consisting of Read More >>


About Bionik

Bionik Laboratories is an innovative medical device and robotics company. The company puts immense focus on reinventing and advancing the standards of biomechatronics, and using the most recent technologies to develop healthcare solutions for patients with restricted physical mobility.



The Arke

ARKE is a robotic exoskeleton for users with mobility impairments. The technology allows users to rehabilitate by allowing them to walk with the help of the technology. It is a lower body exoskeleton that offers paraplegics and some other wheelchair users the ability to rehabilitate through walking and other motions.